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Thinking of my next love

Its been three years since I bought my last machine, a Samsung Netbook.

As I am more of an enthusiast when it comes to computing, my atom machine is finding it hard to keep up with my demands.

I am planning to buy a ThinkPad, next month. It is not the full fledged T series, but the budget conscious L440.

Many people have asked me, why I cannot settle for a Dell or HP.

Following are a number of points I would like to highlight.

Why ThinkPad?

The build quality is second to none:

Yes, ToughBooks are tougher, but they are not exactly portable, right?

The quality of L440 cannot be compared to the T Series ThinkPads, but they are still solidly built.

Really long battery life:

The 9-cell battery is enough to give you 10+ hours of power, moreover, the idle power usage of a mere 4 Watts means it can operate as a pretty good server machine without burning your pocket down.


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My first post

This is my first post at svbtle, it is going to be my repository of ideas…

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